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Now is when all that planting starts to pay off. The field comes to life with fireworks of color as our flowers finally bloom. Foliage shines with diverse textures and shapes. It's like the land is bursting with excitement, and so are we as we revel in all the variety. 


Sweet William, Yarrow, Cerinthe, Bachelor Button, Daisy, Calendula, Prince Zulu Daisy, Hollyhock, Snapdragon, Argeratum, Nigella, Orlaya, Forget Me Not, Poppy Seed Heads, Buplerum, Apple of Peru, Allium, Gomphrena, Basil, Zinnia, Cosmos, Celosia, Feverfew, Stock, Sunflower, and Green Drops are just some of what's ready to enjoy in July. 

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