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Broken bones and Mindfulness.

Man, what a drag. Oh to break one's foot in the summer, such a tragedy! I was pretty devastated when it happened. Obviously it hurt quite a lot, but it was also just so sad...we had to cancel all sorts of things. I love hiking! How am I going to get into a wobbly kayak? And what about our flower farm!

After the initial shock, it has actually been OK. After the first few days, once I got the boot, I've been pleased with how mobile I've been. I'm still getting out in my yard and taking care of some things and enjoying it. I'm slower now, and I walk gingerly, but I can walk, and I don't need surgery, and I'm so thankful. SO. THANKFUL.

And summer has still been fun! True, I won't be hiking again this summer, which is truly a tragedy, but there is plenty of fun to be had right here at our wonderful home. We are having a lot more "Crafternoons," and it's been pretty great. In fact, my UPS man just delivered the paint pens I ordered, and that is our plan for later today--high class rock painting. :)

My favorite was the glamping party we had with cousins. The 13 yos erected a tent with sheets and decorations while the 11 yos baked s'mores cookies and made lemonade. The littles helped us moms make a "camping mix" which was mostly just treats. We had a great time, and once the babies went to bed, we all crammed in a tent to make friendship bracelets. I even made good use of my boot. :)

Overall, I've just had to slow down and relax more. Oh darn. Something I needed to do anyway but didn't have the discipline to make myself. I was sitting in church the yesterday thinking about how I've gone my whole life without breaking any bones or getting any stitches, until now! About 6 months ago I cut myself rushing while washing knives and then about 2 weeks ago I broke my foot rushing while delivering flowers. What would have happened if I just hadn't been rushing so much? What if I was spending more time relaxing with my kids instead of trying to fit one more thing in? What if I was just being more present?

Well, less rushing would certainly have meant that I didn't cut myself and that I didn't break my foot. It also would have meant that the dishes would pile up more and that those people wouldn't have gotten flowers delivered to them.

More relaxing means less gets done.


I'm faced with a real dilemma--once my foot gets better--am I going to change? Am I going to let the dishes pile up and do less or am I going to keep on rushing? Maybe less is more. Maybe fewer things done with more mindfulness is better. Can I tolerate the dishes piling up? Will I feel bad for not reaching out to others and the community as I do now? Maybe this isn't my season for all of that though. I do have a lot of little kids, and one that will be out of the house in just 4 more years. 4 YEARS. It will fly by. Maybe it's the season to sit on the porch with my kids more and let the rest just go to crap. Or, and here is where I always get myself into trouble, maybe I can maintain! Maybe I can keep doing all that I do, but just be more present and more mindful. Maybe I don't need to DO less; I just need to be fully present with what I'm doing. Wash those knives and be all-in, not thinking about something else. Deliver those flowers and walk back to my car thinking about the walking and my surroundings, not planning out the route to the next drop off while running in heels.

Honestly, I don't know. I like the last option best. I don't like dishes piling up. I like my service I do for others and the community. Maybe this broken foot will force me to have some personal time to think through some things. Probably not...I'll probably have to have the self-discipline to give myself some time everyday to think through things and really make an effort to slow down and be more mindful. I'll undoubtedly have to stop myself a lot during the day and make myself be present.

I'm trying. I'm trying to be quiet and slow when I'm out in the flower field--not just to be careful but also to be present and soak up all that goodness. I'm trying to really LOOK at my kids and listen to them. To be present. My motto for the year has been "enjoy," and in my mind that means being present.

What are your tricks for being fully present?


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