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Adding Netting to the Field

This past week our plants have grown tall enough that it was time to add a little support to many of them. The last thing we want is for our beautiful, tall-stemmed flowers to droop into the mud!

To provide support for the flowers as they grown (show here are our Bells of Ireland), we are using Hortonova Netting. We used rebar staked about 5-6' apart and small zip ties to hold the netting in place, about 1 foot about the ground. As the flowers grow up and out, this should provide support so that they grow strong and tall. yay!

These two helpers pretty much did the whole field themselves!! These are our oldest two kids, whom we've hired on this summer as flower farm workers and what an excellent thing that has been! They are helpful and hard-working and it has made it all seem manageable!

I took these pictures a few days ago, and the flowers have already grown! They are shooting up and starting to bud-out. So excited to see them grow!


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