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Baby Goats!

We took a little break from planting flowers this week to enjoy the world's cutest animal--brand new baby goats!

There is something magical and memorable about these little darlings. Truly I don't think there is an animal that is more cute or cheerful than little baby goats! Within minutes they are up on their shaky little legs trying to walk, and before they can even really walk well, they are starting to hop about. By the next day, they are climbing and hopping all around.

As my mom and I carried flats of flower seedlings out to the field to plant late one evening , I noticed the high-pitch "maaa" of a brand new goat, and sure enough their were two little baby goats and one still on the way. My older two kids, husband, mom, and I all got to watch her have her third baby and watch as they learned to walk and nurse. Moments like these are priceless. The flowers could wait; we were watching the magical moments of life.

We've enjoyed sharing these cuties with friends and family. Who wouldn't want to snuggle a new baby goat? We even took them for a car ride with us to go show great-grandma. :)

Our chickens are bigger than the baby goats!

Live in the moment folks. You probably don't have little baby goats in your life to savor, but you undoubtedly have some beautiful moments to soak in and enjoy. Even if it's just the warm laundry coming out of the dryer, I'm convinced that enjoying those moments is the key to living.


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