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Everything is Growing!

It's so exciting to see everything just taking off and growing so much. Annuals are amazing...they grow so fast! This image is fun because it shows different varieties and how they grow at different rates and also my attempts at succession planting--you can see the fist set nice and big and the adjacent holes with just tiny little plants growing. I'm exited to take note and see how necessary some of that succession planting or if we needed to do more!

I took this picture earlier in June.

This picture I took today, June 24 and while they are not the same vantage point, you can see how much everything has grown! The first two rows in the foreground of the image above are the also the first two rows in the foreground of the image below, just from opposite directions. :)

I've said it before and I'll say it a million times more: I love growing thins and watching this process!



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