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Field Prep

This week we played in the dirt! We finished plowing the field and making the flower beds.

This was once a patch of nice green field grass (laden with quite a few dandelions!). The field was used mostly for flying kites and as a vole haven, so this will be a much better use for it!

Plowing up all the grass was pretty straight-forward, but making the flower beds was more difficult and involved than I expected. I think it would have helped if we had plowed through the field another time or two to make the dirt even more loose, but live and learn. Next year we will!

We had purchased a row-bedder attachment for the tractor which really did help to mound-up the rows, but I had naively assumed it would make the beds completely--not so! There was a lot of work to be done still to hoe the dirt into place and rake the tops smooth and level.

The kids quite helpful with this and when not hoeing and raking at least enjoyed hopping over the rows. I will say they are perfectly spaced for hopping over. :)


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