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Happy 4th of July!

Early on the morning of the 4th, which just so happened to be on a Sunday this year--and Sundays are my bouquets-for-myself days, I headed outside to make a 4th of July bouquet, and man it turned out good!

I had thought about it the day before, knowing I would use lots of daisies and lavender and the red crocosmia in my front yard, but as I poked around a bit, I also found some other great additions. The best was the red poppies! I knew I had them, but I also knew they don't last long in bouquets, so I was hesitant to use them. However, I'm happy to report that I tried the technique where you flame or boil the ends for a few seconds and this encourages them to soak up water. More that 24 hours later, they still look pretty good. I think by tomorrow they will be wilted, but that's not bad for when you just need things to look great for one day.

Isn't this red Crocosmia amazing? I love it so much. Every year it blooms and every year we get hummingbirds that flock to it. Individual blossoms don't last long, but like an orchid, each flower blooms in turn and you get days and days of this bright read beauty. The leaves are great too--they look like huge blades of grass. This is the first time I've used in in a bouquet and it's been great!

Such a fun bouquet--I even included some Dame's Rocket seed heads that look like green sparklers. :)

Great bouquet for a great day! I love the 4th of July, and I love living in America! I love our freedoms and hope to teach our kids to love, honor, and respect them too!

We hosted a super fun party that evening for our families which included homemade corn dogs, Root Beer test-tasting and awesome fireworks. Great day with great people. Made just a little bit sweeter with great flowers! :)




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