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Stop and Smell the Lilacs

Lilac season is short but sweet. Perhaps the brevity of the season makes us cherish it all the more.

We have several Lilac bushes on our property, but plan to get more!

For now, we are thoroughly enjoying what we have. They are especially enchanting when enjoyed at sunrise and sunset.

The scent is truly enchanting...too bad you can't share that on the screen. :)

We made several arrangements with the lilacs this season. The first was this Memorial Day basket. Our allium was also in bloom, so that was fun. We purchased the lilies to make the basket complete.

These other two arrangements were just full of lilacs!

This one had a little added Viburnum or Snow Ball bush.

And now the lilacs are starting to fade. Short but sweet indeed. I hope you took the time to smell the lilacs and just examine them for awhile. They are a marvel of beauty.

I must have had a dozen people this spring tell me that it was their mother's favorite flower. When I came across this poem, I thought it must be a universal thing. I think of those stalwart pioneer mothers who loved the lilacs.

The Lilacs

by Edgar Albert Guest

I ALWAYS think of mother, when The lilac tree’s in bloom, It seems her soul comes back again Upon its sweet perfume. And every opal spire that sways Out in the summer sun Brings back the good old golden days Before her work was done.

‘T was there her smile seemed sweetest, and ‘T was there her eyes were brightest, ‘T was there that gentlest was her hand, And there her heart was lightest. And now when blooms the lilac tree I feel that she is near me, Come back again the flowers to see, To comfort and to cheer me.

All mothers love a lilac tree, And that is why I love it; The blossoms know, it seems to me, That angels bend above it. And when the blooms return again My skies become the clearest, Because I seem to feel just then That mother, dear, is nearest.


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