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Three cheers for Delphinium!

Delphinium is a cottage-garden favorite for many people. It's tall spikes of flowers are reminiscent of snapdragon and larkspur, but the classic varieties grow even more tall and full. I always think it looks like it belongs with flowing dresses, fairies, and little girls with ribbons in their hair.


Delphinium elatum

Delphinium spp.

There are a number of Delphinium varieties. At Linden Lane Flower Farm, our favorite two varieties to grow are the Magic Fountain variety (which is a little more compact version of the tall Pacific-type flower) and Belladonna, which is much wispier and looks a lot like a larkspur.

Bloom time: Well-established Delphinium will typically bloom in early summer, June where we live. However, new seedlings will bloom a little later and we typically will be cutting second and third flushes into September.

Colors: Shades of white, light blue, true blue, purple, lilac.

Stem Length: 24" to 36"


Belladonna delphinium is often the perfect flower to add some fluttery dimension to an arrangement, while the tall, full spikes of the Magic Fountain varieties give a lot of height. And of course, the color is magnificent, especially when it comes to the shades of blue.

Here are several arrangements with Delphinium.

We loved mixing the blue with pink--both bright pink like in this arrangement or light pink as shown further below.

We often use the Belladonna varieties in market bouquets. White goes with everything, and the blue shades we particularly love to mix with coral or just white to really drive the blue shades home.

And of course, straight bunches of Delphinium are completely breathtaking. Even when it is just stuffed in a trunk. :)

One of the many things to love about Delphinium is that it is also a perennial. Since we so heavily harvest ours, we usually grow it as a biennial, digging up the plants every 2 years, but typically the plants will just last and last, giving your yard (and kitchen table) beauty for years to come. I'm planning ways to add it to my personal flower beds instead of only growing it in the flower fields. :)

Do you have it growing on your property? and do you love it as much as we do?




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