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Tulip Time!

We are just wrapping up tulip season over here, and it was a beauty! For a few short weeks, along with our friends, we enjoyed armfuls of tulips, wrapped bunches of tulips, and arrangements for special events.

Here is a bucket of tulip bundles ready for pick-up.

An armful of tulips is glorious moment!

This was a centerpiece for a "four score and four" birthday party.

Linden Lane Flower Farm had teacher appreciation week and sold a bunch of wrapped bundles of tulips for teachers and even a couple bus drivers and office staff workers.

Tulips and ferns growing together...what could be more enchanting than that?

The lovely Kathryn, picking up some tulips as a gift for a friend.

These salmon impression tulips were some of our favorites--the color was enchanting and the stems were amazingly long.

It was a lovely season.

We just placed our tulip bulb order for next season!

Sad reality of flower farming:

Typically, tulips come back year after year, but not for flower farmers! It's the saddest thing, but the tulips will only come back if you leave the leaves to gather nutrients from the sun. Since we need stems that aren't just a couple inches, we have to cut them so low that it takes the leaves with the flower. They will not come back strong enough to blossom the next year! Every autumn we have to plant new bulbs for our spring harvest, making them a labor of love indeed!

And since we love them, and so do you, we have ordered more for next season! They will arrive this fall, and we'll plant them before the snow comes.


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