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Two weddings and a Bouquet

In many parts of the U.S. and the world, June is the wedding season, but in our community August is the heaviest wedding season. And despite it being our first season, we had several couples trust us with their wedding florals. These were great experiences for us--tiring to be sure, but we learned A LOT and feel really great about the flowers we made for them.

I think the biggest challenge that we were a little unprepared for was that there really wasn't a ton of prep work that can be done--you just have to do the flowers the day or so before the wedding, which means we didn't get much sleep. :)

Here are some of the florals we put together for our brides this season.

One of our weddings was actually a double wedding--two sisters decided to share their big day with each other. It was fun to produce individual, but coordinating bridal bouquets. These girls loved and elegant, classic look with roses; since we don't grow roses (yet!) on our farm, we ordered the roses and eucalyptus for them but supplemented with flowers from our farm.

We did some large pieces for the arch and some simple arrangements for the chairs. We were happy with how they turned out, but more importantly, the brides said it was just what they wanted, which is the goal, right?

The other wedding we did was a lovely lavender and sage-green wedding. This bride was after a looser style and loved the idea of using succulents, and we were happy to ablige!

Her bridesmaids bouquets were so lovely--loose and wispy with great greens and light lavenders.

We also did a lovely arch for this couple loaded with Russian Olive branches.

So beautiful! Again for this lavender wedding we supplemented our farm-fresh flowers, but this time we were able to source our flowers from other local flower farmers, which is great--the flowers are fresh, beautiful and exactly what we want. :)

In addition to these two weddings, we also made a stand-alone bridal bouquet for a lovely bride and her blush-colored garden reception.

Pink is near and dear to my heart, so I love how this bouquet turned out. :)

All of this wedding work was completed within 9 days of each other--in addition to our regular scheduled market bouquets. Phew, it was a crazy, tiring week! There were 2 days in there where we only got a few hours of sleep. Worth it though to see how everything turned out. :)

Can't wait for weddings in 2022!




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