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Water the Flowers

What could be better than a morning spent strolling around the property, enjoying what is in bloom and making a bouquet for our home?

I'm pretty certain I won't do this every Sunday. Sometimes there will be other things that are more needful, but I have enjoyed this new little ritual of mine. Taking the time to walk slow and to observe and enjoy everything growing in my yard has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. All week I work really hard out in my yard, seldom if ever stopping to just sit and enjoy it. There's always a weed to pull or a branch to clip or something that needs attention. But this is different. I refrain from seeing the weeds and look only for what is beautiful, and it feeds my soul.

Refrain from acknowledging the weeds; choose to see what is beautiful. Water the flowers.

I know this to be a metaphor for life as well. See the good.

Something about actually looking for beautiful things to use in an arrangement changes my focus for those moments. Rather than seeing a tree branch than is dangling too low and always in my way as I mow, see a delightful branch that has a uniquely bright chartreuse color and great leaf shape. I clipped it because it was beautiful and useful, not because it was in my way and an annoyance.

Can't wait for my stroll next Sunday. It fills my mind with peace and my heart with gratitude, and it's just what I need.


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